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Most clients choose volume lashes over the classic look in the current beauty sector. For most social media reviews such as Instagram, most clients are happy with the extreme volume lashes. So most parlors that offer the best services in applying intense volume lashes get many clients. When you learn how to use intense volume lashes well, you can generate a tone of income per day.

The main tip to extreme volume lashes application is the selection part. It is highly recommended that one should pick short lash extensions. When using longer lash extensions, the customer may become uncomfortable. The short lashes extension also looks presentable when applied in larger volumes than long extensions. Here are some methods on how to apply extreme volume lashes.

Start an advanced master class

Taking an advanced master class on volume lashes application will enhance your skills. It does not matter if you are a pro or not applying classic and hybrid lashes. The class will not only let you know how to create perfect extreme volume lashes, but also give you a better understanding and more knowledge of lashes application. It also teaches students the right direction with technique, new methods, and how to speed up when applying the lashes. With more speed, one can fit more clients per hour, which helps you fit more clients in a day. 

Benefits of isolation

Proper isolation ensures that lashes are neat upon application. With extreme volume lashes, one should use as many natural lashes as possible. When isolating, be very careful to prevent irritation or damage to the client’s eyes. We recommend practicing as often as possible to get better at the process. You won’t be able to extend every single natural lash if you aren’t working one by one!

Use short lashes extensions

As stated earlier, short lash extensions will help you get the best volume lashes. As much as the end goal is to have long lashes, it is hard to believe that short lash extensions can attain it. But just like the hair on your head – cutting long wispy hair short will make it look denser and thicker. Volume extended lashes look attractive and denser when almost the same size as natural ones. The volume will mostly be noticeable when the lash extension used is shorter. By the way, the shorter extension will give the client an easier time maintaining the extended lashes. Using long lashes extensions might tangle and leave the client struggling to keep them neat.

Timing factor

Applying extreme volume lashes may take a long time due to isolation; however, with experience, speed increases. As a beginner, it is crucial to take more time to ensure that the lashes are neat and make the client happy. Set a time target that you will require to complete the application. With a time target, you will know the areas that take too much time. This will help you learn how to improve on areas, thus becoming faster during the application process.

Extreme volume lashes take time, but in the end, by looking at the client, the time will be worth it. There are several ways to apply extreme volume lash. They include:

  • Wash the client’s lashes to ensure that the adhesive used is maintained for a more extended period
  • Apply primers to the lashes of the client that act as pre-treatment to ensure better retention.
  • Gently apply under-eye patches and take some time.
  • Get the lashes set up and mapped out, which will prevent taking too much time
  • Isolate use of pick-up tweezers
  • Deep the eyelashes in the glue carefully and apply for the extension on the natural eyelashes.

Hope it helps. Happy lashing!

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