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brush eyelash extensions

If you are an eyelash extension wearer, chances are your lash artist has instructed you to brush your eyelash extensions daily. If not, they should have. If they haven’t, now is the time! Brushing lashes is one of the most critical steps in caring for extended-wear lash extensions. In fact, it’s a necessary step for natural lashes as well.

Why You Should Brush Your Eyelash Extensions

Brushing your eyelash extensions is beneficial in several ways:

1. To remove makeup, dirt, and oils

Brushing your lashes makes sure that your extensions are clean and free of all makeup, dirt, and oil build-up. You should be doing this before you go to sleep for the day, but if not, it’s important to do it at least once during the day. The oil that builds up on your extensions not only impedes the growth of new lashes but also causes lash breakage. Try to brush them whenever possible throughout the day.

2. To keep lashes separated for more extended wear

Brushing lashes is an essential step in preventing them from sticking to each other. When lashes stick together, it causes lash clumping, and your extensions won’t look as full or pretty. The more separated your lashes are, the longer you’ll get out of your extensions.

3. To promote lashes growth

Brushing eyelash extensions encourages the same effects as brushing natural lashes. Brushing extended-wear lash extensions help to distribute oil along the length of each lash for more nourished and fuller-looking results. It also stimulates blood flow which is essential to the growth of natural lashes.

4. To help maintain lash extensions’ curl

Brushing your lashes helps to keep them curled. When you apply mascara, it holds the curl in place, but it’s still best to brush your lashes after applying mascara so that your extensions can last longer.

5. To distribute the adhesive evenly throughout your natural or synthetic lashes (and therefore promote longer-lasting adhesion)

When you first get your eyelash extensions, the adhesive will most likely be very concentrated on one side of each lash extension. Brushing lashes helps distribute the adhesive evenly throughout all of your lashes, ensuring that they stay glued down for more extended periods.

6. To prevent lash extensions from pulling on your lashes

Lash extensions are usually attached to one or two of your own lashes. If lashes are not brushed regularly, especially after removing lash extensions (or after removing the adhesive from your natural lashes), these weak little hairs will eventually break off and fall out. This leaves you with even less of your own lashes to work with.

How Often to Brush Eyelash Extensions

Ideally, you should brush lashes daily. Some girls only get a few days out of their extensions before they start to feel weighed down by them and need them removed. This is not the best way to care for your extensions. The more often you brush your lashes, the longer they will last and look better.

Of course, it’s not always possible to brush lashes every day. Try to do it at least once per day, preferably before bedtime or after washing your face in the morning. If you are removing lash extensions during the day, be sure to use an oil-free makeup remover so that you don’t disrupt any of the brushings. Washing your face and removing lash extensions is usually enough to keep your lashes clean and free of makeup throughout the day, but you need to do more if you want them to look fresh and pretty for as long as possible.

How to Properly Care for Lash Extensions

A proper care routine will help lengthen the life of your extensions and keep them looking as full and beautiful as possible.

1. Brush lashes first thing in the morning and before bedtime every day.

2. Don’t use oil-based makeup removers or other cleansers near lash extensions. They can dissolve the adhesive bond.

3. Avoid steamy showers and baths since these cause lashes to swell, which will make them harder to brush.

4. Never sleep on wet lashes, especially if they are still damp with mascara or adhesive.

5. Don’t use lash curlers near extensions because they can cause damage and breakage.

6. Do not vigorously rub your eyes around the eye area of your face since this can also lead to lash extensions coming loose.

7. Do not use waterproof mascara since this can cause lash extensions to fall out prematurely.

8. Avoid overplucking your natural lashes since this will increase the risk of breakage, pull on your extensions and cause premature shedding.

9. If you have health issues such as fever or colds, postpone scheduling an appointment with your lash professional until you feel better.

10. If you experience eye infections, consult your doctor and follow their instructions to get rid of the infection before getting lash extensions again.

Washing Your Eyelash Extensions

To wash your lashes, you will need a mild shampoo and conditioner. Please do not use any other cleansers, even oil-free ones, since they can be too harsh and dissolve the adhesive bond.

– apply shampoo to lashes and gently massage your natural or synthetic lashes with your fingers for a minute or two

– rinse your lashes under lukewarm water until all of the shampoos has been removed from the extensions

– gently apply conditioner to lashes

– let it sit for a minute before rinsing again with lukewarm water

This type of gentle cleansing will remove built-up oils and other residues from previous mascara applications, adhesive, etc. It will leave your extensions sparkling clean, smooth, and beautiful.

Brushing Your Eyelash Extensions

A good eyelash brush is the most important tool for adequately maintaining lashes. It spreads out the mascara or adhesive, helping to lengthen and separate lashes, which gives them a professional look (and feel). This is how to brush eyelash extensions:

– Start with clean, dry extensions

– Hold your lash brush vertically at the base of your natural lash line (or synthetic lash strip)

– Gently sweep the brush upwards and away from your eyes

– If you own a lash comb, repeat this process in horizontal movements across the base of your extensions

The best time to brush lashes is when they are dry because wet lashes can be too heavy and may fall into your eyes. This will irritate them. It can also cause damage to your own natural lashes or lead to lash extensions falling out prematurely.

Caring for your lashes should be a part of your daily routine. The more you brush and wash them, the longer they will last and the better looking they will stay. It’s essential to avoid any too harsh products on extensions not to cause damage or breakage. If you have an eye infection or a health issue such as fever, consult your doctor before getting lash extensions again after feeling healthy enough.

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