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As a lash artist, your main objective is to give beautiful and long-lasting eyelashes to your clients. Nevertheless, the application of lashes tends to take a lot of time. During this process, you might feel uncomfortable for yourself and your client. It is essential to ensure that the eyelash glue you are using to attach every extension properly dries before going to the next extension. This makes the whole process last for hours. It is time-consuming and tedious but necessary.

Luckily, with advances in technology, the lash industry has discovered innovative and new lash extension products, tools, supplies, and accessories like nano misters that assist in speeding up the time drying time.


A mister is a small, handheld device that usually breaks down water particles into small droplets of water (fine mist) using nanotechnology. Its main drive is to spray a fine mist on the eyelash extension that has been applied recently. It helps in quickly and effectively curing the lash adhesive you use.


Ideally, eyelash extension adhesive dries (cures) when you expose it to moisture in the atmosphere. This process can take up to a whole day, where the glue will continue producing vapor up to when it is fully cured.

Nevertheless, when you use mister, it will assist in fully curing the adhesive and halt producing vapor before your client opens their eyes. With this, you:

• Reduce stinging/ discomfort and redness post service.

• Minimize the allergic reaction risk due to overexposure to the adhesive vapor.

• To complete the service as quickly as possible.


After you buy your nano mister, you need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to charge it. Rinse the device before use, fill it with distilled water, and run it until it is empty. To start using it, fill the device and then refill the bottle with water.

After you reach the end of a service, wait 5 minutes after you apply for the last extension before utilizing your mister. When you mist immediately, it can cause a shock cure to the adhesive, making the bond brittle and causing the adhesive to turn white. You can use this time to remove eye pads, brush the lashes and tidy your workstation.

Hold the device far away from such that only the tail of the mist touches the lashes. Mist for 20 seconds, sweeping forth and back between both eyes. If you find some water droplets appearing on the lashes, then you may be holding the nano mister too long in one position or too close to the lash line.


First, ensure that you keep the device charged. It can be worse when you reach for your mister and find that it does not have a charge.

Make sure that you feel the device with distilled water only. These water you can buy at less price at the local supermarket. Other liquids such as tap water can cause build-up or scale within the unit leading to clogging.

Ensure that you empty the device each time you finish using it. Failure to do that can lead to bacteria and mold building upon the unit. This can lead the mist to smell and can lead to health hazards.

Last but not least, clean the device, fill it with distilled water, and then run the mister up to when it is empty. If you find a mildew smell present, you can fill isopropyl alcohol on the reservoir and run it up to when it is empty. Repeat the same procedure up to when the smell is gone.


Speeds up the curing process

The MISTER will add moisture which will assist the glue in curing faster. When using the device, ensure that you are holding it at a sensible height over the lashes (the recommended height is 15 inches and more).

Minimizes eye irritation

During the glue drying process, a very minor amount of fumes are emitted into the air. Although most clients will not be bothered by the fumes, some are very sensitive to the fumes. These fumes can cause eye irritation by making their eyes watery and red and causing a burning sensation. Some are allergic to fumes, which can cause swelling of their eyes. Since the mister speeds up the curing process, your client will have no or less exposure time to those fumes, meaning less irritation.

Minimizes wait time to get lashes wet

The time needed to wait before the lashes get wet will be reduced by half. With that, your client will not wait for 24 to 48 hours for lashes to get wet.


Results in shock polymerization

If you misuse the device, you will add some water droplets on the eyelashes resulting in too much water from the glue. This will cause shock polymerization. It will turn the lash extensions white. Following this, you are advised to use this device with caution.

Causes retention problems

Glue requires to dry at its own pace. Usually, it takes about 24 to 48 hours for the curing process to complete. If you speed up the process, then there is a chance that only the user layer will cure, and the inner layer will be uncured. For the glue to be strong, it should cure both outside and inside. If it fails, there will be a faster fall out of the extensions than the required time, and this will cause retention problems for the clients.

Hardens lashes

Also, if the glue dries at its own pace, the bond created between natural lash and extension will be more flexible. If you speed up curing, it can result in a harder bond, and this can cause the lashes to be more brittle.

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