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premade lash fans

Premade lash fans are growing in demand as they are easier to install than handmade ones. Basically, premade lash fans are the type of artificial eyelashes that have been bonded together using heat or glue at the base and are ready to install. The premade lash fans are crafted in groups depending on the client’s bulk requirements. The bundles come in 2 to 8 bundles of lashes to choose from.

Can You Pre-make Lash Fans?

The answer is yes. You can make your own premade lashes as long as you use the suitable adhesive. However, you have to incorporate premade lashes to add volume to the existing ones probably. Also, you will need to use appropriate glue to ensure they bond well, like the ready-made ones.

How are the premade lash fans fitted?

One thing about the premade lash fans is that they can take your lashes to another level. They are made in different styles and volumes, so everyone can get the right lash fan to fit their lashes. So, if you wish to add volume to your lashes or elongate the lashes, these are to go for lashes. Considering these lashes come already glued together, then fixing on the lashes is super easy. Below are guides on fitting the premade lash fans to your lashes.

A tip to use when fixing the premade lashes is to set them from under the natural lashes so they can overwrap the actual lashes to give them that smooth and natural finish. An underway installation also gives the lashes better retention compared to when you apply them from up. But if you are comfortable doing it from the top, then do it!

Working tools

You will need your;

The steps

  • Let the customer lay facing upwards with the eyes wide open.
  • You can tape the areas around the eyelids to prevent irritation when fixing long lashes.
  • Then comb your eyelashes and curl them upwards using the lash tong.
  • Using one lash tweeze, hold a piece of premade lash close to the stem and using the other tweeze, separate a bit of your natural lash
  • Then gently wrap it with the premade lash.

Repeat the same process by skipping a few natural lashes so you don’t end up adding too many premade lashes that may make your eyes look bushy or unnatural.

This method ensures the premade lashes wrap the natural ones for even finishing. Also, it ensures the lashes last longer.

How do you choose the best-premade lashes fan?

  • Consider the volume

Women have varying preferences when it comes to their lash extensions. Some prefer a more natural-looking premade lash extension, and others prefer theirs to look more thick and long. So, if you are going for a more natural look, check out the stem length of the lashes. Such lashes have a 2D stem that blends perfectly with the natural lashes. However, if you are going for the extra look, a lash fan with a 3D stem and more would be a good alternative for you,

  • Choose between glue and heat bonded lashes?

Is there any difference between the glue and heat bonded lashes? Well, I can say no/ and yes. The two bonding materials are pretty similar, but the results usually differ. The glue bonded lashes may look a bit thicker or even feel bulkier, considering you cannot bond with a single glue application, unlike the heat-bonded that can bond within the first heat application. But overall, the difference is quite micro as the additional weight on glued models is not too much.

Tips for using when using the premade lash fans

  • Use the length and volume of your lashes or clients’ lashes to buy these lashes. This helps the lashes to blend well and look more natural.
  • Do not apply the premade lashes on each natural lash or multiple natural lashes as they look untidy or be uncomfortable to the eyes. Make sure to skip a few of the natural strands before fixing them.
  • Avoid using too much glue to prevent adding much bulkiness to the eyes.

Pros of using the premade lashes

  • Easy to fix

As the name states, these eyelashes extensions are premade, significantly saving application time.

  • Looks amazing

As long as you learn the right tactics to apply these lashes and choose the right set, they blend well with the natural lashes to give you a beautiful natural look.

These beautiful lashes will earn you more customers to your salon, especially if you are good at fixing them. I mean, who wants to spend hours having the lash extensions fitted and probably have the fixing done wrongly.

  • More durable

If you need lashes that you can rock for more than a day, then premade lashes are a good choice. These lashes are fixed to the actual eyelashes and thus, can last longer than handmade ones.

Cons of premade eyelashes

  • Expensive

Buying these lashes and probably installing them is more expensive. A tray of premade eyelashes is costly compared to a tray of handmade lashes.

  • They May not last long.

If these lashes are not installed correctly, their retentions may be lesser than the handmade ones. This is because they are fitted to the natural lashes and, if not well, done can easily fall off.

  • Less adaptive

Some customers have reported being uncomfortable when installing these eyelashes instead of other models. It may take a while for one to adapt to them, but hey, they are worth it.


Premade lash fans are becoming quite common among salon owners and even clients. This is because these lashes give an amazingly natural look if you choose the right volume and are easy to fix. It can take 1.5 to 2 hours to install the premade lashes, unlike the opponents fully. However, these lashes may require careful fitting as they have lesser retention considering they are fitted directly to the lashes. They are pretty expensive as you can use up to 50 percent tray per client, which increases charges to buy and even to client services.

But overall, they are definitely to go for eyelash extensions if you are looking for that posh look and willing to try new things. They are comfortable to the eyes and look great too.

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